I’ve worked for Peabody for over 20 years and started as a Neighbourhood Manager in 2017 in Wild Street, a Victorian estate close to Covent Garden.

I loved the job from my very first day; being the daily face of Peabody in the neighbourhood, working closely with caretaking teams, supporting residents, and knowing who to talk to to get things done.

As Wild Street and others close by are historic estates, there was a different set of challenges to some of our newer developments – working with colleagues to make sure that maintenance work was not too disruptive for example. A typical day involved a variety of logistical challenges, and our team was always on hand to make sure we responded quickly to residents’ enquiries. We toured estates and took part in community meetings and walkabouts regularly which I enjoyed.

I moved on to work at Fish Island in Hackney Wick which is a new mixed tenure regeneration project close to the Olympic Park. My primary role was to help people settle in, putting things in place as the new community moved into their homes and got to know each other. This experience was very fulfilling, watching the place come to life almost, with a broad range of people to get to know and to deal with. This scheme was a joint venture and has both social housing and shared owners.

I’m now doing the same thing at another new development, Southmere, in Thamesmead, South-East London. The difference with this is that many of the residents are moving across from older 1960s built concrete blocks to new brick homes just across the road. They are already part of the community and know the area well. I know it well too as my mum is from around here and I spent a lot of time here back in the day. The great challenge I’m looking forward to here is working with our neighbourhood and environmental services teams to look after the whole place, not just the homes. Not a lot of people realise the huge number of lakes, trees and open green spaces in Thamesmead that we’re responsible for. Peabody doesn’t just build developments and move on, we look after places, managing them for the long-term and I’m really proud to play my part in that.


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