Images of some of the existing plants and garden spaces at Holloway

The gardens at Holloway are key part of its recent history as a prison.

Our landscape architects Kate and Tess have been busy identifying and drawing inspiration from the plants found in the prison gardens and even plan to take cuttings from the most iconic species so that they are able to be re-grown and planted in the new development.

Garden spaces were tended to by the women at Holloway and played a played a key role in prison life.

Many of the plants in the gardens are not native to the UK so would not normally be used in new developments, however, we are very keen to use them because of their special link to the past.

At the heart of the site is a garden with strong geometric hedges, archways, and a row of magnificent mature Lime and Silver Maple Trees. These trees will form the backdrop to the new public garden – with a play area, new lawn spaces and quiet garden corners.

At the centre of the Education Block is a small yet luscious garden courtyard with and a range diverse plants. Left untended since the prison closed, this oasis of green has taken over the building facades and hidden low walls covered in mosaics.

Recognisable from beyond the prison walls is the magnificent Category A Plane Tree or ‘Gym Tree’ as it is sometimes called. London Plane Trees rarely have the opportunity to grow freely to this scale, and this is one of the best specimens our landscape architects have ever seen!

The tree can be seen in historic photographs of the Victorian prison and is a special thread to the past. This tree will be protected and retained, and mark the main entrance to the new neighbourhood and be a fitting welcome to the new public garden just beyond.

The London Plane Tree

The new open spaces at Holloway will celebrate the sites legacy whilst new planting will look to the future by being climate resilient with a high biodiversity value and excellent functional properties to help support the sustainability of the site.


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