Peabody hold monthly meetings with Community Plan for Holloway (CP4H) to share regular updates on the future of the site.

The Community Plan for Holloway is a well-respected umbrella organisation of local groups with a keen interest in the future of Holloway Prison. CP4H was one of the first local groups Peabody contacted after purchasing the site in March 2019.

Peabody engage with CP4H members via a Holloway Prison steering group and provide regular email updates from CP4H’s communication channels. Monthly meetings are held at the Holloway Prison Visitors’ Centre where Peabody share project updates and CP4H ask questions regarding the future of the existing site.

CP4H have also facilitated events on the future of the site, inviting Peabody to attend to observe and participate. This has included sessions with UCL’s Bartlett School of Planning, panel discussions with Islington community leaders, and tours of the site.

Please note that monthly meetings with CP4H are currently not face-to-face meetings due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.


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