In 2019, Peabody offered local people tours of the Holloway Prison grounds so that they could learn more about the site’s unique history. So far over 50 tours have taken place and more than 100 people have been able to walk around the Prison grounds.

Those that have attended have been surprised by the size and complexity of the Prison’s layout and grounds but have been pleased to get a glimpse beyond the imposing walls.

Peabody have also opened up the site for a number of local artists to film and document the prison in its existing condition. Some of this work can be viewed here.

A range of people have attended the tours including local residents/ neighbours, ex residents of Holloway and prison officers and charity workers who were involved in providing services when the Prison was open. Each tour group is accompanied by a member of the Holloway Prison Consultation Team and a member of the onsite security team.

The tour groups have also included:

• Members and officers from Islington Council

• Representatives of Community Plan for Holloway

• Students from Bartlett School of Planning who are using the site as a case study for their

• Representatives of national government including representatives from 10 Downing Street
and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has evolved, we have postponed our planned face-to-face engagement events and site tours based on the latest public health recommendations, but we hope to continue to host groups again in the future when Government advice changes.

In the meantime, please explore our virtual tour of the Prison building here.


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